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About Liz James

Hello! My name is Jamie Pope and I am the creator of Liz James.

As an Austin-based jewelry designer, I draw inspiration from nature and the beautiful world that surrounds me. I speak to the beauty and elegance of the versatile woman by delicately designing pieces that can be dressed up or down, with a ball gown or a tshirt. My jewelry gives you the freedom of creating numerous looks by layering just a few of my necklaces. The stones I use are chosen because the elements in each are just as unique as the person who will wear them.

Why the name Liz James? Liz is an abbreviation of my middle name, Elizabeth, and James was my childhood nickname - a throwback to the days before I knew that I'd have the blessing of living my dreams and creating wearable art to make women all over the world feel beautiful.

I will admit that I have an advantage - I grew up under the nurturing umbrella of my mother's creativity. As the daughter of sculptor and painter Rosie Sandifer, I got to see my mother's work around the world and it made me explore the possibilities of my natural talents. I am so grateful and humbled to see the same wonderful reactions to my designs reminiscent to those that my mother witnessed with her work.

I have been one fortunate girl to have grown up right here in Texas in an environment that has encouraged me to explore and embrace my passion to create. I now live right outside of Austin with my husband, Vick, and two wonderful sons in Dripping Springs, Texas.

I hope that you love my creations as I've put my heart in each one!